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ASOT600KL: A State Of Trance

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Check out what did I found in Don’s Facebook! Those are media passes to Future Music Festival Asia 2013


10 Selected Manoah Bloggers

Lucky me & my hometown gal Calista join the group of 10 as we just happen to be @ KL. Thanks Manoah & Asahi for giving this KK City gal a taste of rave party @ KL again :D Im not so sure if KK Jazz Festival consider as one :/


Global Friendship

I recommended Jason to take cab from Taxi Monger but since we’re to excited to get to the venue, we decided to shared a cab with our friends from Thailand for RM40 when Taxi Monger only charge RM18 flat rate @ Sepang area Q.Q


KK City boy Jason as my date of the day

While waiting for the rest to arrive @ 5pm, I decided not to waste any time n start to drag Jason around since I got problem standing/sitting at one place for too long. I guess this energiser bunny can’t wait to party with friends boing boing boing BTW I got him to upgrade his normal tickets to VIP tickets so that he can get into more access together with us :D


Carlaberg ad: Drink Responsibly

I love it whenever an organisation is not focusing purely on maximising revenue but knowing how to give back to the community. Thanks for the reminder & I will make I’ll enjoy my night without getting drunk ;)


Welcome to ASOT600KL & FMFA

Found Calista, Joanna & Shariff about 7pm as all of us come on a different direction at different time. What you’re waiting for??? Lets go PARTY!!!


Chill at the Hottest Event

After my Sydney trip, I am glad to say that KK, KL & SG equally had crazy tropicana weather. I got myself a snow cones with fruity syrup on ice from Simply Frozen. I’m ready to attack the event once I’m done with my quick chill :p


Top: Super8 & Tab, Bottom: W&W

To be honest, I’m not a fan of Trance. To be exact, I have no idea as it’s a different art of music that I don’t really understand. Little old school me that prefer Retro felt somewhat alien among my friends that seem to enjoy the modern sensation.


Meeting the Bloggers @ Media Centre

It’s like finally I found the bloggers after asking my way high & low because no one seems to know much. On the good side, less people know = higher security. But it took me forever before I got to join Calista & the rest. Having fun time before continue party. Samantha is a sweet gal so I decided to grab this picture of us having a great time indoor :D We had free flow of food, Asahi Beer, Redbull & Evian mineral water ^_^


Cosmic Gate & Front Line Crowds

Oh ya, one of the best few things about getting a Media Pass @ FMFA, I get to access all VIP section & capture up close photo of the artists (first 2 songs) without sardine myself together with the passionate crowds :D


Balls That Carries little Wishes

Earlier on I did participate to write down my wishes on white ballon. I wrote I WANT to travel around the world BUT I need a proper income to do so. Seeing my little wish as well as others are released, it’s awesome in the our sight but I hope it doesn’t cost unnecessary pollution :X


Armin Van Buuren

I missed out my chance to Took up close but I did managed to check out the massive SOLD OUT attendance. Armin’s photo taken by Shariff. Above is only showing 1/3 of crowds from my Asahi VIP tent. Imagine everyone are all the way to the back *scary*


DJ Eva T @ Club Asahi

I am very particular when it comes to DJ that spins, guess Eva got my attention & was my 2nd favourite female DJ ;) Too bad I only get to listen 2 hits as the group off to Media Centra for supper.


This Calls for a Sexy Party

Met Raj with his date of the night. Too bad they can’t join us as the tent even with their blue tag because it’s too full :/ Wanted to have a photo with him but he vanished @ Club Asahi. I heard that my darling Pauline wasn’t feeling well, hopefully she get’s well soon. So happy to see old pal Mike Yip, Zana & Samuel. I kept the best for last :p


Meeting the Celerities

You’ll remember our local contestant if you’re a big fan for The Apartment Style Addition. Its Chelsea Chil & Star Blogger Dawn Yang from Singapore. Why you ladies have to be so slim? I feel so fat stading next to you :/


Hungry Don

Thanks to Don of Manoah Consulting for the Media Pass. Thank you for letting me enjoy my time whenever I’m @ KL with awesome events. I couldn’t thank you enough for all the fun times I had ^_^


Thank You Asahi

Thank you Asahi Malaysia of Carlsberg Malaysia for make all things happen. May Asahi Super Dry continue to be the official beer in any Asia rave Party. Support Asia beverage!!! :D I can’t find jie knowing she’s around. Hopefully tonight I still can get to see her *fingers crossed*

P/S: Thanks Shariff for deliver my stuff from KK :D

From Wabbit @ Kuala Lumpur