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Review: Dentiste Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste + Dr Barman’s Special Brush 2

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Did you know? The Major cause of bad morning breath occurs while you are asleep because rapid bacterial growth during the night may be the cause of bad breath when you wake up. Sounds scary right?


Hermo: Beauty Collection

Not to worry. Just a month ago I got a lovely package from Hermo sent by Skynet. My delivery was packed in a bubble wrap & so the little gal in me starts to pop all my stress away, what an amusement :D


Dr.Barman’s + Dentiste

First Day: Got it on the 18th of March via delivery which makes me a user to this toothpaste+brush for a month. First Impression when I open the cap is that I saw hygienic pump from Germany. It has the super strong mint+clove taste that reminds me of a oral freshener that I don’t fancy when I was a kid. I just have to press & the toothpaste will pumped out, I feel guilty as I used to try to put back some over due toothpaste which is not very hygiene so now I can’t do that any more :x As usual, I spit out some blood stain due to my weak gums.


Dr. Barman’s Special Brush 2

I was given extra soft brush which is the best for my weak gums. Special 2 brushes 3 surfaces at the same time: front/back teeth+gums around the teeth. So I can spend less time watching my morning look at the mirror while making sure I get a fresh breath in the morning :p I never like to brush my gums as I hate it whenever i spit blood but this brush feels like a good massage to my gums :)


Dentiste Plus White NightTime Toothpaste Pump

Dentiste’ Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste have 14 natural extracts, xylitol, CDX (cyclodextrin complex), silica complex & stable vitamin C. I would highly recommend if you have little time for daily oral care, pregnant, diabetic, patients with respiratory problem, lack of rest due to stress of work, need a confident boost, smokers & coffee drinkers.

Dr. Barman’s Special Brush 2 are more suitable for ladies as Dr. Barman’s Special Brush 1 is designed with slightly bigger head size for men. Dr. Barman’s toothbrush is made in Norway – Patents world-wide. It believes to provide you with healthier gums from less bleeding. Bristles has more contact with tooth surfaces & correctly angled to clean along the gum line & remove 20% more plaque.


End of 1 Month Journey

What I like about this product:
> Super strong Mint + Clove flavour like freshener
> Hygienic pump
> NO bubbly bubbles
> Brush front/back teeth + gums at the same time
> Brush was extra soft on gum

What I don’t like about this product:
> Bad breath only reduced if you brush on tongue as well
> No obvious whitening effect (still have yellowish teeth)

Dentiste’ Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste 120g Pump is selling @ RM23.00 (online RM18.00) while Dr Barman’s Special Brush is selling @ RM29.90 (online RM24.00). Check out the WEBSITE for special rates & other beauty products. Do check out their FACEBOOK PAGE: Hermo¬†for the latest update.

P/S: Le friend found a similar brush for dogs, now you can both also have heavy smile & bond session with man’s best friend :D

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu