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B2.0 – Borneo Bloggers + New Media Convention

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What is B2.0? Check my pre-post for the definition by Daniel Doughty.


b2.0 – 3rd Borneo Bloggers + New Media Convention 

Even with a very limited time to rest, I arrived very early around 8am together with one of the crews, Calista.  It’s better to move my lazy ass than waiting to be served, I decided to help Dino from M.E Malaysia & my friends out with what I do best…


 Arrange some stuff LOL

As the crowds starts to enter and I’m done with arranging the name tags to be given to crews, guests & VIPs, I decided to tour around as there are a few booths were set up during the event.



Booths available at the event

Tristan the vampire from Team Sproket is explaining the project they are under going. Acer is displaying the latest Aspire S7 Ultrabook, the only unit in town to be found in this event together with other products and introducing the latest Windows 8 software to us. I’m lucky to have Minho (assuming every Koreans are gamers) to be my model and check out how comfortable is the beats headphones by Press Play Audio.


Breakfast by Bella Italia

Breakfast was served by Bella Italia, too bad I was too busy taking pictures of the booths that I only managed to try a toast. Yummy, me like! Just wish that I get the chance to eat more. I think it’s a good excuse for me to visit Bella Italia for breakfast someday :/



 Breaking Food of the Day

Feel like I’m back to youth camp when Johan Amilin called us to gather around for a simple ice breaker. We were told to start a random group of 4-5 using marshmallow & pasta to build the taller tower. Twitter users Faizal, Charlton, Marina, Margaret & yours truly may not win the challenge but I dare to say we are proud to have a firm tower. Foundation is very important before we can build anything strong :)


 Daniel from Rapidea Solution with his opening speech

I’ve been hiding very well in my hole till  Daniel managed to get someone to catch me as he heard about yours truly but it’s always remain as mysterious to him until today. It’s great to finally meet a very humble entrepreneur face to face. Gonna learn a lot from him if I ever get the chance to start my own business :D


Rise of Social Media

Murphy Ng from Sabah Tourism Board, Brunei food blogger Thanis Lim, local tweeter KKCity & local food blogger Jack from Everyday Food I Love shared the power of social media and self-moderation in expressing ourselves. I’m glad to say that I am always being honest and trying my best to avoid biasness in my post. But I did noticed the languages I used are less harsh compare to the first time when I started blogging early 2008. This angry lady did some changes by censor most vulgarity and still learning to ignore drama by not adding more petrol :p


Image Sharing Madness

Brunei blogger anakbrunei talks about a lot of interesting applications that we are using, shows us surveys on what photo people shared & asked why we shared them. For me, sharing my photos in my instagram mainly to captured the moment with people I care for & get others to be jealous of the food I enjoyed, events I attended & places I visited :p Check out


The Silent Scream

It’s about using people’s work without asking for their permission to gain profit out of it. It makes me sad :(


Social Media for Gamers

Tristan Lee Riven from Team Sprocket is a very smart guy! Why so? He actually got almost everyone in the conference to tweet about this event and his upcoming project. That was the only period I got to check out most of the attendance @ the event :p Basically this team of 3 if undergoing a project about Borneo & they are looking for more local talents to contribute in this game. I hope to see familiar faces to get involve by next Fall 2014 ;)


 Birthday Boy in the House

Before we off to lunch, the organizer was kind enough to show a birthday surprise for John from Team Sprocket. He was touch to receive warm greetings from everybody. What a fruitful day for our birthday boy, not only he won Kudat peanuts from the ice breaker, now he got to enjoy this yummy Matcha (green tea) cake with red beans. The only thing that irritates him was the birthday song, maybe due to some childhood trauma.


Lunch by Bella Italia, again

We had beef rending, chicken & vegetable for lunch. John love spicy food so he enjoys eating the rendang. I love the chicken and it’s gravy, vege macam biasa lo. I guess Minho was hungry like a wolf, he had like 2 rounds of lunch =X Birthday cake was available @ Team Sprocket’s booths. I was so busy catching up with the guys that I missed to snap an interesting booth next to them ROAR


Rise of Mobile Applications

Sue Ann from Nuffnang talks about how smart phone shifted the online users from computers to mobile. We used to read blogs from our computer and it’s not very easy for some stalkers readers check out updates whenever they are away from their heavy hardware. Nuffnang came out with a new application that enable blog reading via mobile called NuffnangX. As a Nuffnang blogger I raise my concern as a previous Innit users. I usually get my reading material direct from bloggers update post and no longer save blog links. I actually felt lost having a hard time trying to track these bloggers and I guess the same another round. I do hope that Nuffnang do keep that data record and at least transfer them to users account so I can continue to stalk some bloggers even without using NuffnangX because they don’t support Nokia Ovi yet :(


In support of Social Media

TaiKL is not directly from Digi represents Digi to talked about ups and down in Digi’s journey to serve it’s clients telling us to think BIG with our brand. He shared a few useful tips & shown us a few interesting videos including…


Digi Gila Internet Sale

We’re laughing like mad that even I personally jumped off my chair gone case la -.-” As a Digi customer since 1999, I wonder why I never seen any of the video ads he shown??? RROAARR Angryberry here, if you know what I’m talking about :p


Social Media via Windows 8

Kathleen Lee from Microsoft gave us a tour using the latest Aspire S7 Ultrabook with Windows8. There’s an audience that gave feedback on the trial version. I spotted someone from Acer/Microsoft approached, guess they are trying to get more information on how they can make it more user friendly :D


High Tea by Bella Italia

During the break everyone was rushing to the board with their creative note trying to get as much “like” to win that Acer Iconia W510. I decided not to join since writing drawing has never been my talent. Felt a little luxury from this whole day event as Bella Italia served us 3 times today but too bad I didn’t get to try this because I was too busy…



Getting sticky :p

I was bring playful with the voting stickers before casting my vote. Calista decided to join in the fun as well. Tristan got so happy that he got to snap us down & share it ahahahaha


Youtube Generation & Social Media Unveild

Moses Wong from FPS & Jared Lee from Grim Film shared with us some of their works. Let’s talk less and see more…


Sabah Hakka Style

This fully sponsored crazy budget of RM60K done by FPS. Ei, macam banyak orang sia kenal ni. Tian Long or well known as youtuber Ciubalak is the main character in this clip. Wanna do some horse riding? Hehe


The Long Distance Relationship

This shocking RM50 budget clip got me emo a little, specially for a person who is always involve in a long distance relationship and once dated a sick boy. I think the dust decided to attack my eyes watching this :( The song was awesome with a very catchy band name called Once Upon A Time There Was a Sausage Named Bob =.=


You Are Loved

This lovely Valentine’s Day short film was taken on a real visit, not just for the filming to show some love in this modern society. You can actually hear us go aww, oww…


The Switch

This hilarious clip is totally my yandao Jinny style. We laugh a lot and it’s a good wake up call for the bad boys to feel the pinch even when they know for sure it won’t happen to them but I can only say Karma will get you ahahaha The snap part kinna reminds me of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 that all the events just happened to run in your own mind :X


Sincerely, The End

This complex video got my attention that how much pressure a teenage have being anti-social, have a mum that dates other guy & an abusive dad. She almost committed suicide but gave up when she realize there’s more to life. The ending was somewhat disturbing.



Grand Winner of the Day

The winning note of the day (taken by anakbrunei) goes to Hin Ching. I’m not sure if you still remember me back @ 2008 before I moved to Singapore. Congratulations on your winning. Hey, I know I voted for the Faith Kitty, you people don’t have to look at me like that? :S



Potential Collaboration?

Some of the clips done by Grim Film actually reminds me of my favourite director the late Yasmin Ahmad so I decided to be naughty and asked Jared where did he get his inspiration :p I think papa will love to have them shooting for his MV if he plans to come out with an album ^_^


Fruitful Event

Managed to snap the VIPs+Crews group photo. Thanks DIGI for sponsoring my RM100 slot. I was ready to pay for it but it was covered :D Guess it’s worth the travel to hunt for Digi Centre (there’s only 3 in town). Glad that I learnt a lot things on the last month of 2012 & the money I saved can be use for post event program hehehe I didn’t went home empty handed. Jared gave out Once Upon a Time There Was a Sausage Named Bob CDs. Yours truly got his signature on it as well!!! Another CD collection in the family ?

P/S: Off to John’s birthday dinner before proceed with post event (party time)!

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu