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Good Friday, Good Start…

*Click square photo for direct link to Instagram After all was done, it’s feels good to be back. Thanks to the 2 guys from high school for accompany me last night without questioning much about everything. I call it that’s what friends are for :)

Santola Coffee Bar

Mum & I had meatless breakfast since it’s Good Friday. Her relatives think it’s not enough for us that we went for 2nd round to Santola Coffee Bar, Damai. I had my regular Black & White Hot Chocolate while mum regretted getting Mint Coffee as she’s not your typical coffee lover LOL I find the toast wasn’t up to my liking but I guess all of us enjoyed the chocolate art.

Church of Mary Immaculate

It’s been more than 2 years since I attended RC mass together with Totoro. Today I had an invite by Daniel to join him & his friends to attend my very first Good Friday mass. We arrived 20 minutes earlier but as we found out we’re at the wrong mass (Chinese instead of English), our car was stuck that we could only leave when it’s over so we decided to had cendol session @ Bukit Padang since we’re guessing or at least trying to translate the session most of the time with our half bucket Mandarin -.-“

Sunset by the Beach

We wanted to rush to the next mass @ 6pm but abort the mission to enjoy God’s wonder. I kinna feel peace for the first time after the whole week saga. Liquid diet @ Tanjung Aru Beach 1 with a giant glass of Avorcado Milk that I can only finish half of it. Super GAO (thick)! P/S: Just want to be out since the house is more empty :(

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu