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WMSM2013: Project “Re-thinking Actions” Official Launch

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Thanks to Manoah Consulting, I got my invitation to attend Project “Re-thinking Actions” by World Marketing Summit Malaysia at National Science Centre. I was curious how 85 orphaned teenagers will experience and learn new methods of re-thinking their habits to ensure environmental sustainability for their future. Yeah, that’s why I had to check it out to understand more.


Re-Thinking Actions

Being away for a month to be back home with my family. It’s great to see some familiar faces around, at least I won’t feel so awkwardly lonely :p Back to the children. Out of 23 orphans from Miri and 62 orphans from Peninsular Malaysia was selected to be the judges of eight companies’ CSR initiatives, ensuring environmental sustainability. I was a little upset that Sabah was not in the list but I was informed that last year kids from Sabah got the privilege. It’s good to give other teenagers the chance to understand the concept of good brands and good corporations.

Singing 1 Malaysia song

The 85 future consumers had their VIP entry with around of applause from the audience. I hope these brand neutral won’t get too dizzy with the amount of information and advertisements they will be receiving from the participating companies. The youngsters had futsal the previous day as the haze condition in KL limited them to enjoy playing soccer outdoor. They sang the 1 Malaysia song which is surprisingly in good tune. I always look up to local talent. Hopefully one of them will make Malaysia proud someday ;)


Hijau with Zainal Abidin

It’s a bonus when Zainal Abidin walks in and introduce himself as an orphan as well. It’s inspiring when he told his struggle during his younger days and never give up as he believe that he has the talent to make a difference. From his greatest hits Hijau since 1991, you will noticed that the world has been showing signs of suffering and that was already 2 decades ago! I was a little worries when he was feeding the teens way much information than they can understand but we did enjoyed when he got everyone to join him to sing Hijau together :)


Free Health Check

Everybody knows that now a days medical is not cheap, thanks for the free medical check up by Columbia Asia & BMI Research the teens get to understand their BMI and body condition if there’s any red alert for further check-up. Not to forget Petronas, Staedtler, F&N, Volkswagen, Alcom, Jim Liaw Photography Studio, AOS Conventions & Events, Dream Asia and Asian Football Confederation.


Up Close & Personal with the Green Artist by Sidney

Thanks to World Marketing Summit Malaysia and Manoah Consulting for this educational event. I do hope see what the choices by Malaysians teenage within the age of 13-17 to cast their votes till mid September. I’ll see you again soon maybe?

P/S: Yesterday fly in from KK, tomorrow bus down to Singapore @_@

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