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Review: TruCare – Nano Silver Toothpaste

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I bet I’ll be one of the most fussy friend when it comes to dining session. I don’t eat a lot of spices including chilli, I enjoy eating melted ice cream, I will try to avoid drinks with extreme amount of ice, and most of the time enjoy hot soup (the Chinese way).


Introduction by Don Chan

According to Don: “After trying all sorts of products and suffering from bleeding gums for years every time I brush my teeth, I decided to try this amazing product called TruCare Malaysia’s Nano Silver Toothpaste. Only 1 month of usage and the bleeding has reduced by a significant amount. It has a 3-in-1 function; toothpaste, mouthwash and cream which also heal ulcers, gum aches and sore throats. You can use it as a mouthwash for your sensitive gums.”

I was actually impressed as I recently just had 3 ulcers from my snorkeling mask *ouch* Thanks Manoah Consulting for picking me to be one of the 50 bloggers to review this product. Let’s GO!


Up Close & Personal

First Day: Got it on the 24th of October which makes me a user to this toothpaste for almost 3 weeks. First Impression when I open the cap is that I enjoyed the minty smell. Taste wish doesn’t remind you of the typical commercial brands as my household are using some of them. I squeezed out about 5-8mm, it didn’t bubble up like most commercial brands. As usual, I spit out some blood stain due to my weak gums.

The next morning I found out that there’s no blood stain when I spit out after my brushing. Oh boy, I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not as the next 2 nights I cry in pain even with the help of pain killer. Thank God for the 2 coconut juice that I had that ends all the pain. What you don’t know is that it didn’t feel pain when I brush as hard as I can on my infected area, which mean there’s no bleeding. My gums actually went numb for half an hour every time I crush my teeth before the pain attacked me again T_T


X Bacterial, X Ulcers, X Gum Aches, X Bad Breath

Things went back to normal, or should I say way better since I’ve been using TruCare? I barely notice my stinking breath in just a week since I use this product. Alcer-free for the next two weeks means I don’t have to play with salt :p No blood when I spit out but there’s yellowish colour, not sure if it’s very small amount of blood or just my mucus :/ On my final week I tried to apply a larger amount of toothpaste & I noticed it brightens your teeth. Sorry, not really the whitening effect but at least my teeth looks more shine & clean. Never try it as mouth wash so I can’t comment on that but you can try. Maybe the nightmare I had not long ago rewarded me with better oral care that I don’t mind to share you my current teeth condition.


End of the 3rd Week

What I like about this product:
> Minty Smell
> Instantly relief toothache (for half an hour)
> Reduced bad breath
> Brightens your teeth (need to apply greater amount)
> NO bubbly bubbles
> NO ulcer
> NO uneasy gum

What I don’t like about this product:
> NO more minty smell (or maybe just my stupid nose)
> NO whitening effect (still have yellowish teeth)

TruCare Nano Silver Toothpaste is selling @ RM9.90 as their introductory price (usual price RM14.50). Check out the WEBSITE for free shipping & to understand more about TruCare. BUT WAIT! Do check out their FACEBOOK PAGE: TruCare Malaysia, for a limited time only you might able get yourself a sample for FREE! Let’s say yeah to a healthy oral care so your mouth won’t stink on your next date ;)

P/S: Mum got a new make over

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