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KLPAC: Uda dan Dara 2015

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Most people are very familiar with western Romeo & Juliet & our own Malaysian’s Sepet. Pardon my ignorant for not noticing much of late Usman Awang’s work. I have been a huge fan by supporting my favourite Synergy Dance whenever I’m back home @ Kota Kinabalu, enjoyed plays by W!ld Rice in Singapore. Some how I only get to attend World Youth Jazz Fest 2013 during my time in KL. Thanks Panda for giving me a chance to watch my very first local play…


Uda dan Dara 2015 

Uda Dan Dara 2015 is a re-telling of the classic Malaysian story of two star-crossed lovers, written by National Poet Laureate, Usman Awang. Dara, a young woman from an affulent family, and Uda, a young man born into hardship; Both equally shaped and driven by circumstance, yet both equally in love with one another. It is a story of love, transcending notions of wealth, class, and – in this adaptation – culture and ethnicity.



Malay VS Chinese

The 2015 Uda sees a young man drawn to the bright lights of Kuala Lumpur with his single mother in seach of ambition and a better life, but in doing so, meets and falls in love with the daughter of an affluent Malay family, Dara. Although they both live in the same city, a velvet rope divides their families; for while Uda is trying to make ends meet in Kampung Pencala which is now overrun by immigrants and hence nicknamed Kampung Pendatang, Dara is just a stone’s throw away in an affluent gated community that is Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Must listen: the couple express their love using Malaysian food!


Datin Zaiton (Left)

This adds distress to the mothers of the lovers, espcially Zaiton, Dara’s Single mother whon had raised her daughter using the political and societal connections her husband built in his time, albeit desperately as living conditions are getting harder with her dwindling savings. Datin is the best singer in the play, she rocks the stage like no other diva with her power house vocal.



 Aku Kaya #budakjahat

Enter Alang, the son of Dato Bakhil, a noted developer of the area, with his wealth & influence. Not content with the riches he was acquired, Alang has set his eyes on the land that is Kampung Pachala, the home of Uda. But that is not the only thing he is wishing to steal… Alang is the type of bad boys that you just want to give him a punch in the face but he’s also an awesome dancer at the same time ;)


 The whole Cast of Uda dan Dara 2015

Uda dan Dara 2015 injects a breath of fresh air into the present and the future. Join the star crossed lovers in their hearts’ desire, of love, life and land that is rightfully theirs. Before we can ask to seek for more talents, I think we need more supportive art lovers (look around the theatre) to open more opportunities.


Dato’ Faridah Merican

What makes Uda dan Dara 2015 a must watch Play of the year if you don’t know is that the executive producer & director is also the original cast for Dara back in 1972 & also Dara’s mum in 1984. Her respect for the late Usman Away & her passion for Uda dan Dara is the reason why art lover like me get to enjoy this forbidden love revisited today.


Mark Lim & Hana Nadira

I heard that Thursday was corporate & Friday was media screening. I was a bit upset with the out come on opening night for pubilc. Do you people still support art over here? Art starts with you! Tickets are available RM45-150 in Kuala Lumpur (4-11 Apr) & RM40-RM100 in Penang (21-25 Apr). Do check out this local production via FB page, FB page in MalayFB event, FB event in ChineseTicketPro today! You might want to check out the opening song to get you warm up. Don’t missed the mixed English Malay modern act with a number of awesome original in this dramatic play. Will it be a happy ending or a tragic drama? You got to watch it for yourself :p


Opening Song: Uda dan Dara 2015

P/S: Looking forward to support Lelaki 2.5: Out of the Closet with Strings Attached.

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