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Lao Po Dou Hua

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Dad’s sister is in town so we went for some shopping. I found this new bean curd stall @ City Mall: (Hong Kong) Lao Po Duo Hua. I was curious about it so I try out Kui Hua (Osmanthus fragrans) & mum decided to try Green Tea at RM4.20 each. Chocolate is also available at RM4.20 and original flavour for RM4.I was amazed by the smoothness of the bean curd but I was curious since I never notice bean curd as a popular dessert during my trip to Hong Kong last Christmas so I asked the owner.


Original, Chocolate, Kui Hua, Green Tea

He told me the recipe was provided by a Hong Kong sifu (tutor) & he rewarded me with original & chocolate as he noticed my curiosity. Being generous with the generosity I shared them with my aunt & cousins. All of us enjoyed the mild flavouring & find it not too sweet. I wonder if my vegan friend Ana is able to try this vegetarian dessert.


New Packaging

Personally I find it rather pricey for a bean curd for RM4-4.20 but it’s worth to try for the refine quality, not too sweet, flavours are not too strong & last but not least the smoothness of it. Some how the name reminds me of the bean curd back in Singapore. Maybe was done by Cantonese as well? Look out for the new packaging as owner was a little concern with up coming competition in the dessert industry but I personally think it’s a smart branding *thumbs up*


Watch Out for This Stall

Interesting. I feel like trying it, where should I get it? Lao Po Duo Hua is available at City Mall, Karamunsing, Wisma Merdeka & 1 Borneo. You can check out their FACEBOOK PAGE for more information about this bean curd :D


Simple Family Reunion Dinner

Since aunt’s family is in town, it is normal to have a simple family reunion dinner at my place. We kinna short of dishes due to the short notice & most shops are close for the festive holiday. Feels great to have small crowds at home since grandma past away.

P/S: Holiday is just another day for me as I’ve been having holidays for 18 months

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu