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Not too old for more Ang PaoS

This afternoon had a very great time singing and socialize with my VJ friends at our round table. It was another honorable Chinese New Year celebration together with Reporters Association at Ocean Seafood Village.


Getting myself ready as always

But according to Totoro via Facebook: lolz u look like a doll so many ribbons and pink hahhaa and very white ;p

What do you guys think? Agree or disagree? Back to the topic


The energetic and VJ friends from Sabah Vfm

I’m very proud to know that Sonia, my former high school classmate has became one of Sabah Vfm VJ :D It’s been so many years after we graduated, we are still wondering when is our decade reunion dinner as the last time we heard it was postponed. Somebody say ROAR!!! for food :p


Start off the event with Prosperity toss

All of us are so exited to toss and wish for a prosperous year ahead. The guys will normally shout out HUAT AH!!! which makes the spirit of Lao Seng more memorable ^_^


After tossing the Malayan (Malaysia/Singapore) dish


Getting gold token from “Cai Shen” God of Prosperity

We are never too old to collect our Ang Pao ^_^ 3 pretty Vjs and I are all single and available. Kindly make your pick :p


Harvest of the day :D

Getting all these Ang Paos are making me feeling rich, at least for this Chinese New Year. Please don’t hate me :P Had fun singing and done some networking. Hopefully there will be more singing performance for me in this awesome Water Dragon year ^_^

P/S: Rushing off to another event :D Huat ah!!!

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu