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Virgin Trip to Singapore

Today was a rough day for me, my S$3 heels finally RIP at the age of 2 weeks and I got back home an hour later than I should. But that not the end of it.

As I arrived I saw there’s something in the letter box. Behind mom’s Astro postcard there’s a letter for me.



70 cents delivery within town o.O

Hhmm… I kinna guess out the content as it was from Esther. To my surprised it was more than I expected =X


1st trip to Singapore 2005

These picture brings back a lot of memories with the Basel youth. Looking back I think I’m rich for a form 6 student. Just a few month after I done my first rebounding treatment, I got my passport ready for my first Singapore trip just to visit City Harvest Church. Time flies and just like me, Singapore changed a lot in the past 7 years.

P/S: Jacky is going to be a father very soon ^_^

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu